Lithuanian Displaced Persons Camps

I’ll be researching a very interesting area of post World War II history in Lithuania. This is related to the Displaced Persons camps of Lithuanian citizens that were displaced by the devastation of WWII. These camps were like cities on their own and set up small postal authorities in each camp. They printed stamps which were used on all outgoing letters. Some of the camp names were Montgomery, Detmold, etc. I’ll be following this up with more detailed information on the individual camps along with pictures of the stamps.

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Alan Bauer, President, Hungaria Stamp Exchange. Alan is a first generation American-born of Hungarian parents who emigrated from Hungary just before World War II. He lived his childhood and completed his education in central New York State. Later, he and his wife moved to New England to start their business careers and have been there ever since. They have two children; their son is a web consultant at Boston University and their daughter is a freshman in college and both of whom are actively involved in the stamp business. Alan can be reached at [email protected].
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