Birthday Bash at Bagolyvar and Heroes Square

Bagolyvar – the Owl’s Castle

Bagolyvar - Owl's Castle

Genealogy Research







A short walk from our apartment led us to an afternoon session conducting genealogy research at the Leveltar (Registry). Continue reading

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The Arts in Budapest

The Arts In Budapest

Falk Miksa Arts District

Budapest has an exciting vibrant arts community complete with several fine galleriesĀ and large and intimate museums. Also, sections of the city are dedicated to seasonal art festivals. The galleries include a range of artworks from traditional oil paintings and pastels or portraits and landscapes to cubist charcoals and ink sketches to ceramics and Ā gold and silver works. Continue reading

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Travels through Budapest and a visit to Urom


In and about Budapest

Budapest at night

Budapest is a vibrant, thriving and exciting city both day and evening. When we arrived at our apartment this weekend we were delighted to find a street craft fair just a few steps away. Continue reading

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Visit to Magyar Posta: Titanic 100-year Anniversary Sheet

Titanic 100-Year Anniversary Sheet

We visited the Magyar Posta today and picked up some very nice items. Titanic 100 Year Anniversary sheet, a new issue by Hungary, is a sheet that many collectors will find of interest. The limited-edition Steve Jobs Memorial Sheet is also becoming increasing popular, as only 5,000 copies exist. Continue reading

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Around Budapest

Alan & Diane (Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam)

On the way to Budapest we flew through Amsterdam with a lay over at Schiphol airport. Schiphol is a large bustling place, complete with a casino and simulator ride. Those of you who are enjoying their Steve Jobs commemorative sheet will appreciate the number of Apple products for sale at the airport shops, with chocolate first in the running and diamonds third! Continue reading

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