We’re in Budapest!


Our transit was through Amsterdam with an 8 hour layover in Schipol airport. Lots of time to catch up on rest and duty-free shopping. Then on to Budapest.

We arrived in Budapest Saturday evening and got to see a little of Budapest on the way to out apartment.

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HSE is going to Hungary

Hello readers,
The Hungaria Stamp Exchange is going to Hungary. We will be leaving tomorrow and arriving on Saturday night.  Some of the pictures on our previous blog posts came from our earlier travels to Hungary. This time we will post entries live as we are there. Most of our time will be spent in Budapest, visiting family, friends and researching family history. Later in the week we will be going to Szeged and Bekescsaba. Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy the posts!

The historical city of Pecs

Pécs is a city with a long and colorful history originally founded by the Romans over 2,000 years ago. Over the years the city has been occupied by the Turks and later inhabited by the Germans resulting in the cultural history being greatly influenced by all these eras. Sopiane, as the Romans named it, has many artifacts of its past history still visible today, including ruins of the Roman era which date back to A.D. 350-400. Continue reading “The historical city of Pecs”

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