A Child’s World

As Depicted on the Stamps of Eastern Europe

What can be more delightful and entertaining than viewing the world through the eyes of children? This same view through the images of the stamps of Eastern Europe which include Books, Toys, Art, Children at Play, Youth Philately and Pets or even a child’s dream! Please join us in a kaleidoscope of these charming and imaginative stamp issuances.

Children’s Art

always evokes a wide range of emotions ranging from happiness to sadness, while reflecting a uniquely delightful view of the world through the eyes of a child.

Ukraine Children of Victory Drawings for Peace

Estonia stamps “Winning Art in Children’s Stamp Design Contest” includes a Map of Estonia, by Tartu kindergarten students, a Barn swallow, and a Windmill.

Poland Children’s Art stamps includes Volunteer Umbrella, Better Together, Together We Can Do Everything

Romania Children’s Art stamps in one set depict The Road to You, Messenger of Peace, and Good News for Everybody. In another set Romania stamps portray Winning Art in Children’s Olympic Games Stamp Design Contest. The four winning designs include: Chromatic Dynamics,  Tennis, Young Hopes, and Grace and Elegance

Hungary stamps of Children’s Drawings includes a Girl holding flower. This stamp provides a Surtax for children’s welfare.


Europa are special stamp issues offered by European Postal administrations to promote philately and cooperation across postal domains. These stamps help build awareness of common culture, roots and history of Europe. Each year Europa stamps issued by European postal administrations and enterprises bear the official EUROPA logo. Europe is the central theme with a specific topic selected annually. Europa stamp issuances about children include Children’s Books and Illustrations and Old Toys.

Europa 2010 Children’s Books

Kosovo Europa 2010

Europa 2015 Old Toys

Children’s and Youth Philately

Youth Philately Issuances from Hungary include the 400th Anniversary of the Birth of French writer, Jean De La Fontaine. Magyar Posta uses the amount of the surcharges received from the purchase of the stamp sheets to support the collection of youth stamps.

Issuances also include the 40th Anniversary of the first Hungarian in Space, Firefighting, Hunfilex Budapest Stamp World Championship For Youth and even Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo.

Pets and Small Animals

Sometimes a Child’s World in Eastern European stamps presents itself as pets or small animals and what could be cuter?

Belarus : Kittens, Chicks and Puppies
Croatia Children’s World Pets include Reptiles while the Fish series includes Angel fish, Goldfish, Guppy and Siamese Fighting fish. Another Child’s World Pet series includes a Chinchilla eating an apple slice, a Guinea pig eating a biscuit, a Hamster with a carrot and even a Rabbit in a top hat!

Man’s best friend issuance from Romania is an endearing set of four stamps of dogs helping people and dogs with children.

Games and Sports

The Games and Sports of a Child’s World are well depicted on the stamps of Eastern Europe including Youth Olympics.

Fairy Tales and Cartoon Characters

Animation Cartoons and Films as well as Fairy Tales always seems to be a favorite of everyone, regardless of age. Here at HSE we find these Eastern European stamp issuances delightful and believe you will also.

Fairy Tales

Joy of Europe

Sometimes a Child’s World on the stamps of Eastern Europe may be depicted as the International Day of Families, Children’s Day, or Lunchtime at the Nursery.

Each child in their world is truly unique and their world, our world, is richly represented by the stamps of Eastern Europe. Here at Hungaria Stamp Exchange we hope you enjoy our kaleidoscope of Eastern European stamps of a Child’s World.

We wish you a warm welcome to the Spring Season and hope to see many of you at the Great American Stamp show in Hartford, Connecticut in August.

The Bauer Family
Hungaria Stamp Exchange

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