St. Stephen’s Crown: A History and Depiction in Stamps

This article marks the beginning of our Hungaria Stamp Exchange blog. The purpose is to portray major topics in Hungarian history and culture and their influence on the stamps of Hungary through a series if articles. Each article will begin with information on the topic and then be followed by some discussion and depiction of the stamps relating to this topic.

The first topic is St. Stephen’s crown. The crown has been richly portrayed in stamps from the second definitive issue to today. Continue reading “St. Stephen’s Crown: A History and Depiction in Stamps”

My Story (& the stamps)

Stamps have been a passion of mine since I was six years old, when my Dad first introduced me to collecting. I was fascinated by the beautiful pictures and the stories they tell about world geography, history, culture and ever changing political boundaries. My father patiently explained the history and meaning behind all of the stamps that he gave me to get started. He painstakingly showed me how to use tweezers to handle the stamps and hinges to mount the stamps in albums. Later, I would show them to other people to explain these fascinating stories. Continue reading “My Story (& the stamps)”

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