Birthday Bash at Bagolyvar and Heroes Square

Bagolyvar – the Owl’s Castle

Bagolyvar - Owl's Castle

Genealogy Research







A short walk from our apartment led us to an afternoon session conducting genealogy research at the Leveltar (Registry).




Customer's stamps

Alan then made a stop at a philatelic auction house on behalf of a customer.






Birthday Fireworks

Then in the evening after trying to outwit the GPS that kept thinking it was in Warsaw we headed out for a lovely birthday dinner at Baglyovar. The entrees included a mixed grill on a “wooden platter”‘ and veal Viennese style.  However the surprise of the evening for the “Birthday Boy” was the brightly sparkling gluten free birthday cake. And did it taste amazing!

Alan's Dinner

Diana's dinner







Alan and Diane at Bagolyvar









Hosok Tere

Mythical Kings at Heroes Square

After consuming a pleasant well lit birthday dinner it was time for a  short walk to Hosok Tere (Heroes Square) to view the statues of the mythical kings at night guarding the Museum of Fine Arts as well as the Natural History Museum. Budapest is a lovely city to sightsee at night brightly lit with transportation shuffling all night long.


Arch at Heroes Square

Istvan Bocskai









Millenium Monument

Natural History Museum









Museum of Fine Arts








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