Visit to Magyar Posta: Titanic 100-year Anniversary Sheet

Titanic 100-Year Anniversary Sheet

We visited the Magyar Posta today and picked up some very nice items. Titanic 100 Year Anniversary sheet, a new issue by Hungary, is a sheet that many collectors will find of interest. The limited-edition Steve Jobs Memorial Sheet is also becoming increasing popular, as only 5,000 copies exist.Today, Alan made a trip to Magyar Posta to re-stock his supply of these popular items. For those of you that are avid Steve Jobs collectors we advise you to place your order now before the supply runs out!

The Titanic sheet honors Dr. Árpád Lengyel, the doctor on-board the ship RMS Carpathia — the first vessel to rescue survivors from Titanic. The sheet is valid for postal use with a face value of 1600ft.

Both sheets can be ordered now in our online store.

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