Travels through Budapest and a visit to Urom


In and about Budapest

Budapest at night

Budapest is a vibrant, thriving and exciting city both day and evening. When we arrived at our apartment this weekend we were delighted to find a street craft fair just a few steps away.  Then a day later – “lights, camera, action”!! The crews were setting up for filming a Dutch film on the same street.


We hope you enjoy a few scenes as we traveled around Budapest, a great city for walking, bikes, bus, train, trolley and even razor scooters, but definitely a challenge for driving.


Budapest Market

Budapest Market

Facade Relief Sculpture

Liszt Ferenc Conservatory













Look at the energy restoring the buildings such as the Liszt Ferenc Conservatory and the arch to the Ernst Museum.

Ernst Museum Archway









The road to Urom

Over the Margit Bridge

In the evening we drove to Urom just past the hills of Budapest to have dinner with long time friends Tibor and Judit. It was wonderful having the opportunity to visit and to have a traditional dinner of chicken paprikash, noodles with sheep cheese and sponge cake soaked in rum and drenched in chocolate sauce. The return drive over Margit Hid took us over the Danube then past the art district of Falk Miksa and back to Hollo utca.

Church in Urom

Tibor and Alan

Family photo

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