Budapest Au revoir

Mythical Kings on Heroes Square

Our second family visit to Hungary was even more amazing than our first visit. We find Budapest the city continues to be a kaleidoscope of images and shapes.  It is vibrant and bustling day and night, and welcoming to native Hungarians and visitors alike. Budapest is a place of contrasts  with displays of monuments of mythical kings guarding museums of fine arts and

Hungarian countryside

science. Not far away we find tributes to Holocaust victims near ancient churches with statuary of Stalinist era leaders relegated to museums. As we ventured to the southern border cities of Bekescsaba, Gyula and Szeged we found countryside that appeared to be unchanged for hundreds of years leading to modern superstructures.

Remnants of Communism

St. Stephen's Basilica










Memory Tree






Diana our photographer


As we complete this series of blog posts we give a big thank you to Diana our family photographer






In leaving Hungary, we find a resilient, enduring people standing poised to be a creative voice in the 21st Century.


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