Back In Time to Bekescsaba


The road to Bekescsaba

We drove from Budapest around Kecskemet to Bekescsaba to the birth town of Janka Perlrott and Vilmos Perlrott Csaba. Since our plan was to work on family genealogy research we drove on to the town of Gyula, the county seat of Bekescsaba.



Birth Records at the Leveltar

It was amazing to see the antique birth and marriage registries with hand scripted entries and to actually be able to “turn the pages of time”.  There is a house record book for the corresponding time but the office that maintains that book was already closed for the day. So we will leave the location of the house where Alan’s paternal great grand parents lived to another day.

Gyula on the Romanian border

Church at Gyula







Gyula Town Center


We did meet a local museum director who told us about a Galleria in Bekescsaba that had an exhibit several years ago and the Galleria was currently located in Csaba Centrum.







Csaba Center

We decided to head there to check it out. Alan had quite the surprise after expecting an antique location, much to Diana’s delight.  Csaba Centrum is actually a very large three level shopping mall! So we stayed and checked it out by shopping. Interestingly, one could pay with a credit card in the currency of one’s choice which made the location very shopping  friendly.

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