“Imagine” what you will find at the World Stamp Show New York 2016

The boyhood stamp collection of John Lennon, singer, song writer and founder of the Beatles, and the world’s first stamp from the Postal Museum in the United Kingdom both are appearing at the World Stamp Show New York 2016

John Lennon (4)John Lennon (3)

Philatelists and Beatles fans alike are able to view John Lennon‘s childhood stamp collection during the World Stamp Show in New York City, May 28th through June 4th.

According to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum  which first housed Lennon’s stamps in 2005, the budding musician began collecting stamps after his older cousin, Stanley Parkes, gifted him a partially filled in album. Over the years, Lennon filled the book with stamps taken from letters sent from the United States and New Zealand.


John Lennon Stamp AlbumWhen the National Postal Museum first purchased Lennon’s “lost album,” late curator Wilson Hulme noted in the Smithsonian Magazine that the collection did not boast any notable stamps. “Typically, young boys aren’t interested in rarity,” he said. “They tend to concentrate on geography and colors. If they come back to collecting when they have more time and money, that’s when collections become exceptional.”

However the album does offer a unique insight into Lennon’s childhood, and perhaps his budding wanderlust and creativity: The book’s title page features a reprinted stamp emblazoned with Queen Victoria and King George VI and on their likenesses, Lennon doodled a mustache and beard, respectively.

John Lennon (1)

John Lennon (2)

For John Lennon’s legacy this may be considered a return to New York having lived here from 1971 to 1980.




Gratiously on loan from the Collection of The Postal Museum of Great Britain and their National Archives is the Penny Black stamp, the first adhesive postage stamp in the world issued in 1840.

Penny Black Stamp 1


The production of the Penny Black stamp was the outcome of the idea brought forward by Rowland Hill, teacher, social worker and prime minister of England on four separate occasions. The idea for a uniform system of postal charges by using a prepaid label that could be affixed to a letter was revolutionary at a time when communication by letter was vital and wrought with uncertainty in delivery. In retrospect “his great plan ran like wild-fire through the civilized world”.


Please stop by and view the John Lennon Stamp Collection, The Penny Black Stamp or just to chat members of the Hungaria Stamp Exchange at the World Stamp Show New York 2016, May 28-June 4  at the Javits Center.

Hoping to see you here in New York,

Alan, Andrew, Stacie, Diane

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