Sell Your Stamps

We can help you sell your stamps. There are many options available when considering the best way to sell your stamps. Stamps can be sold through a professional stamp auction house, sold to a stamp dealer or collector, or donated to a local stamp club. We do not recommend that you sell your stamps privately, for example on eBay, because your stamps will not get their full value.

Our recommendation to our customers is that they sell their stamps through a professional auction house. We will assist you through the entire process. The auction houses will work hard to get your stamps in front of the widest possible audience, and will get you the best price for your stamps. They are licensed and experienced stamp auctioneers. You can be assured that the transaction will go smoothly. We will appraise your collection, prepare the stamps for auction, then work with the auction house on your behalf and track the auction from beginning to end.

Alternatively, many people prefer to get the money for their stamps as quickly as possible. We are frequently able to buy your Eastern European stamps directly from you. In some cases, we can even write you a check the same day we evaluate you collection. Contact us for more information.

As another option, some people choose to donate their stamps to a stamp collecting organization, or local stamp collecting club. These donations are frequently tax-deductible* and, in addition, help these clubs to promote the stamp collecting hobby.

From our customers

"Thanks for everything. It's great doing business with you and I really enjoy the write-ups on different stamps of Hungary."
-Ralph T.

Hungaria Stamp Exchange was founded fifty years ago, on the core beliefs that the highest level of customer care, honesty and professionalism are absolute necessities. Our customers have told us that they are not accustomed to working with a dealer that works with them at the personal level, and truly cares about them and their collection. They know that they are more than a name or a number to us. We will not undercut you for your stamps. Our appraisals are accurate, honest, market value appraisals. We are a ASDA Qualified Appraiser. Along with maintaining the highest level of customer care, we maintain the highest level of professionalism. Our affiliations include APS membership, ASDA membership (Qualified Appraiser) and membership with the Society for Hungarian Philately.

*DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers, and offer no legal advice. Please see an attorney to confirm that your stamp donation will be tax-deductible.

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