Stamp Trivia: Can you solve it?

1024px-Old_globeWe hope you are enjoying some fun winter activities or just sitting around a warm fireplace enjoying a cup of hot cocoa.

One of the most popular questions we receive here at the Hungaria Stamp Exchange is ‘what countries do you stock besides Hungary?’ While the inventory and exciting new issues of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe can be found in detail on our website or in our newsletters, even more interesting may be the stamps we have that are from countries and city/states which no longer exist as separate entities but had issued stamps over the last 100 years. We hope you can join us in this bit of philatelic trivia and see which previously existing city states you can identify in their current day locations! Here is our list of those country stamps we stock: Central Lithuania, Cilicia, Crete, Danzig, Eastern Rumelia, Eastern Silesia, Epirus, Hatay, Istria, Ljubljana, Memel, Thrace, Trieste – Zone A/B.


We hope you enjoy this philatelic puzzle. While all of these countries/city states/territories have been part of other countries at some point in modern times they all issued their own postal stamps. Have fun and good luck. The answers are only a click away!

Question 1: What city previously located in East Prussia (Germany) is now part of Lithuania?

Question 2: What city previously located in Germany granted separate citizenship as a result of the Treaty of Versailles? And what country did it later become part of and what is its name?

Question 3: What country in modern times once belonged to The French Empire, then briefly the Austrian Empire, moved to Italy then combined into Yugoslavia until its breakup then split between Croatia and Slovenia?

Question 4: What Free Territory was under the direct control of the United Nations after World War II?

Question 5: What country has been part of Greece, Albania and Greece again in modern times?

Question 6: What autonomous territory was created in 1878 and later became part of Bulgaria when it declared independence?

Question 7: What territory became a Turkish province in 1939 but is still disputed by Syria?

Question 8: What geographic area in Southeast Europe later became part of Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece?

Question 9: What territory was part of the Austrian Empire, later occupied by Czechoslovakia then divided between Czechoslovakia and Poland?

Question 10: What republic was created in 1920, fought for by the Polish army and later became part of the Soviet Socialist Republics?

Question 11: What country in modern times was controlled by the French, attempted to be an independent Armenian state only later becoming part of Turkey?

Question 12: What country became autonomous from the Turks later petitioning to become part of Greece?

Question 13: What city was part of the Austria Hungarian empire became capital of a Yugoslav province, later occupied by Italy then capital of independent Slovenia?

We hope you enjoyed playing stamp trivia and join us in reading more about exciting new issue offerings available from the Hungaria Stamp Exchange in our Winter Newsletter which is posted on our Blog.

And now here is the list of the other Eastern and Central European countries for which we maintain an active stock: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) , The Baltics: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Former Yugoslavia: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzogovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, Russia and the Russian Republics: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Yes, this list can be quite exhausting, spanning two continents and four seas!

Best wishes for a hardy and happy New Year!

From all of us at the Hungaria Stamp Exchange


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